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MAXI WING CLUTCH BELL inner Ø 134 mm WEIGHT 1119 grams

for PIAGGIO MEDLEY 125 ie 4T LC euro 4 2016->2019 (MA01M)


€ 66.65


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Clutch Bell with Reinforced Cooling Ring

The clutch bells with reinforced cooling ring consist of a finned annular reinforcement producing excellent heat dissipation caused primarily from stand still starts and quick accelerations from low speeds.

This technological innovation resulted from extensive testing within the Scooter racing circuit.

The clutch bell design is based on the following principals:

greater heat transfer surface area (finned section) lowers the working temperature of the clutch bell which dramatically increases the systems durability.

The clutch system is enormously stressed in city street riding, starts uphill and tight turn exits with a passenger.

That is why Malossi has fine tuned the Maxi Wing Clutch Bell to protect your clutch.

We must not discard the fact that the finned reinforcement ring is also a safeguard against failure. It has been designed to resist the elevated centrifugal forces due to large rotational speeds generated by high performance engines. Keep in mind that centrifugal force increases by the square of the rotational speed.


  • Bell housing made of ductile steel and deep drawn;
  • Spline hub made of special steel, machined, welded and broached;
  • Frictional working surface machined to tight tolerances;
  • Dynamically balanced;
  • Nitride surface hardened.


Product reserved exclusively for competitive use in areas designated for competitions, according to regulations stipulated by the relevant sporting authority. We do not accept any liability for improper use.

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MAXI WING CLUTCH BELL inner Ø 134 mm WEIGHT 1119 grams

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5217490 MAXI DELTA SYSTEM (Clutch BELL Ø 134) € 172.02