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for YAMAHA T MAX 500 ie 4T LC 2008->2011


€ 216.14
€ 194.53


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Malossi technical staff has worked to further improve one of his must-have products, a point of reference for all T-Max enthusiasts: the legendary MHR Multivar for Yamaha T Max!

The variator has been improved to renew the transmission system as well as to exploit its extraordinary technical features: so we have come out with Multivar MHR Next. This new variator is the evolution of the previous generations, born from the very experience drawn from race tracks and from modern Cad-Cam technology; it allows to achieve the highest performance results.

As you can see from the gear curve, our technicians concentrated on further widening the gear range, especially the short gear, thus achieving more acceleration and pick-up as well as improving consistency in shifting. The number of revolutions instead remains nearly unvaried during the whole shifting.

We have even done better: the clearance between hub and bushing was further reduced and surface roughness minimized, in order to create a really incomparable variator!


Technical specifications

  • Further widened gear range (especially short gear)
  • Improved shifting consistency
  • Hard anodized - black
  • Modified roller guides to allow greater operational linearity while maintaining maximum power
  • Case-hardened and ground machined steel sliding bushing
  • Hardened, ground machined, chromed steel hub- New one-piece rollers with a better performing compound
  • Supplied with two different roller sets and two shims in order to change the number of revolutions of the gear curve of your vehicle perfectly adjusting its speed and acceleration


NB: For an even better performance we suggest you to combine the variator with the new X K Belt MHR (art. 6114674).


No wonder then if with a variator that features such sophisticated engineering, your scooter suddenly has that extra sprint, a consistency in shifting, a greater mechanical "ease" at high speeds and a constancy in performance you've never experienced before with the original version.

Dekra Certification GmbH certifies that Malossi produces its complete variators and CVT-kits efficiently applying a quality management system, as required by the German and International road circulation law (KBA).


Product reserved exclusively for competitive use in areas designated for competitions, according to regulations stipulated by the relevant sporting authority. We do not accept any liability for improper use.

Makes and Models


Make Model
YAMAHA YAMAHA T MAX 500 ie 4T LC 2004->2007
YAMAHA YAMAHA T MAX 500 ie 4T LC 2008->2011

Spare parts


Code Description Price
1913515E 2 SHIMS Ø 35x25x0,5 € 3.26
3715200 4 SLIDERS for MULTIVAR 2000 € 12.57
7615375B 7.1 MHR grease tube - lubricating grease gr.40
ATTENTION : The grease supplied in the kit must be put in the internal groove both of the hub and of the bush
€ 7.69
6613561.E0 8 HTRoll Ø 25x14,9 gr.16 € 31.72
6613561.G0 8 HTRoll Ø 25x14,9 gr.18 € 31.72
2613738B CIRCLIP Ø 22x35x16 moplen € 8.54
6114856B MOVABLE HALF-PULLEY for MULTIVAR 2000 € 145.59
2313511B MULTIVAR 2000 HUB (Ø 35x25x72,3 mm) € 63.74
6611807B OIL SEAL Ø 35x44x4 € 7.93

Applies to


Code Description Price
6114885 OVER RANGE Yamaha T MAX ie 2004 > 2011 € 627.81