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W BOX MHR air box air filters

for YAMAHA T MAX 500 ie 4T LC 2004->2007


€ 58.80


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Air box air filters

Air filters are specifically designed to be a direct replacement for the OE filter. Top quality, high flow filter media ensures optimum filtration and air-flow without the need for remapping the ECU or any carburetor adjustments.
To maintain your motorcycles’s peak permormance it is advisable to replace your air filter regularly, preferably at the same time you change your oil filter. More frequent replacement is needed if riding off-road and in dusty conditions.
Riding with a dirty or blocked air filter, or with no air filter at all, will reduce both fuel efficiency and power output, dramatically affecting your vehicle’s performance and causing premature engine wear.


  • High air flow
  • Multilayer long fibre cotton gauze, oiled, and sandwiched between two epoxy-coated aluminium wire screens. Encased in a polyurethane frame, 30 ShA, insuring an excellent seal
  • Washable and reusable
  • Completely redesigned architecture


Product reserved exclusively for competitive use in areas designated for competitions, according to regulations stipulated by the relevant sporting authority. We do not accept any liability for improper use.

Makes and Models

W BOX MHR air box air filters

Make Model
YAMAHA YAMAHA T MAX 500 ie 4T LC 2004->2007
YAMAHA YAMAHA T MAX (carb.) 500 4T LC 2001->2003